“Thanks for another great hassle free delivery of a super product.  Michelle

“I have used pelleted wood bedding for several years. I find it a very easy bedding to use. It is easy to make up with a bucket of water to expand it and it falls through a shavings fork very easily when mucking out. It makes a comfy bed for my horse to lie on. It’s absorbent, which is useful for deep littering, easily taking a weeks moisture without getting sodden. The sacks are easy to store and handle and take up very little space. I prefer pelleted wood bedding over other types of bedding as it is economical, efficient and easy to use.  It also bio-degrades very quickly and produces very little waste on the muck heap.” Carole

“Really impressed with the pellets – lovely bright, clean looking bed, and only took 6 bags to make a decent sized bed on top of EVA mats. Will definitely be ordering again!”  Ally

“On a busy yard such as ours (with over 32 stables) we are always looking for more economical and efficient ways of working – anything which saves us money, and the staff time on the yard is great! We trialled the Kleenbed for a month in a section of our yard and were so impressed with it as a product that we decided we wanted it in all the boxes. We now find that the staff are going through far less bedding, often only having to put down new bales once a week, which makes it extremely economical. They are also able to take out far less, which in turn saves them time and reduces the size of our muck heap. Above all, and always our main priority, is that the horses are happy on it. They have clean, neat and comfortable stables.”   Lucinda (Team Fredericks)

“I love it!  So quick and easy to do, and I have my 4 ponies and my horse who is very wet on it and I am really pleased!”  Naomi

“Simple and economical – the KleenBed wood pellets allow horse owners with careers outside the equine industry to muck out and shoot off to work without fear of unpleasant horsey odours following them.”  Sarah

“I am so pleased that I took you up on your introductory offer!  Your personal demonstration of how to lay a bed together with your explanation and tips was invaluable.  I would recommend this service to anyone who has not previously used wood pellet horse bedding.“  Jane

“You will be pleased to know that, despite reservations before I tried them, I am now a total wood pellet convert.  There is nothing like dry stable floors and extra free time.”  Charlotte

“I had been using a cheaper pellet from a very well known supplier, however your KleenBed product fluffs up 3 times more and has greater absorbency qualities, which easily justifies the small additional cost for your bedding product!”  Shirley

“Last night I was somewhat frustrated with the bedding, it seemed to take ages to fluff up and loads of water – HOWEVER, today when I went to muck out, fantastic! I shall be putting all my horses on it as soon as I have reduced down their current bedding. The time to muck out was less than 5 minutes instead of the usual 25, the stable was clean and smelt lovely, and I left for work smelling a lot better than I usually do after mucking out.”  Terri-ann

“The wood pellets are great – very absorbent yet dry out quickly, completely dust free, bag size is ideal for storage and for carrying. Greatest benefit for me has been spreading two bags in muddy gateway where they have soaked up moisture and with a daily raking they have transformed the mud patch into a much drier, level area. So much so that my Shetland pony now chooses to lie down there at night!”  Jo