Horse Bedding

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UK Wood Pellets offer a consistent and reliable supply of quality wood pellet horse bedding to our customers nationwide from our storage facility in Hampshire.  Our wood pellet horse bedding is made from 100% virgin softwood with exceptional moisture absorption and odour neutralising qualities.  The pellets are hygienic and eco-friendly and there are no resins, additives or waste wood present in the final pellet.  When activated the wood pellets fluff up to create a soft, secure and comfy bed for your horse and provides a clean appearance with a fresh timber smell.


Made form 100% virgin softwood    Our pellets are clean in appearance, 100% natural with no additives and contain absolutely no recycled product

Extremely absorbent    4 times more absorbent than shavings.  Urine will be soaked up with minimal pee splash area

Usability    Quick to muck out, easy to use, handle, apply and maintain for a cleaner, healthier stable

Reduced muck heap    Size of muck heap is halved but quality is doubled. Muck heaps will have more manure, so it will be easier for composting offering a secondary use

Time saving    Allowing you time to do other things, especially when compared to shavings and straw which gets caught up in manes and tails

Reduced labour intensity    Manure will sit on top and dry out for ease of removal and easy stall maintenance

Economical and little wastage    Long life of your bedding material if used correctly and a reduction in waste disposal volume due to the sifting and cleaning qualities of pellet bedding

Eco-friendliness    Completely biodegradable, quick to breakdown when left to compost

Space saving    Easy to store due to low bulk density thereby considerably reducing space requirements.  Less space required means more storage space for other items!

Fresh timber smell    Natural smell masks unpleasant odours, giving a fresher smelling stall as the urine will be soaked up slowing down the chemical release of ammonia

Light in colour     Your stable remains pleasing to the eye

Soft and secure bedding    Supporting your horse and comfy underfoot (the pellets will “fluff up” after water is added)