Fuel Pellets

Wood pellets are manufactured using 100% virgin wood using only timber from renewable managed forests.  Wood pellets are easy to store, easy to handle, and they burn efficiently giving a high calorific value due low moisture content.  Using fuels such as wood pellets for commercial and domestic properties ensures a clean, effective heat as well as a clear conscience for users.  Raw materials are produced from managed, renewable sources to ensure sustainability of supply. On burning wood fuels, the carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the tree will be released back to nature where it is absorbed by other plants for future generations.  As such, wood fuels are considered ‘carbon neutral’. 


Wood pellet specification: 
Diameter:               6mm
Moisture content:      < 10%
Ash content:             < 0.70%
Net calorific value:     18 MJ/kg
Density:                   > 600kg/m3
Durability:                 > 97.5%


  • a renewable fuel source that is 100% natural, with no bark and no additives
  • low moisture giving much greater heat output than firewood
  • a sustainable source of energy
  • often cheaper than other fuels
  • eliminates work – burn clean meaning less ash to remove
  • eliminates mess – with marginal moisture content, efficient burning leaves an average of just under 1% of biodegradable ash residue as opposed to other solid fuels
  • recyclable – the ash produced can be recycled as garden fertiliser garden
  • lower air pollution than oil, electric and gas heating systems
  • easy to store (requiring only a dry environment) and easy to transfer
  • uniform in size to ensure smooth operation in boilers and stoves