Cat Litter

A natural wood-based litter that is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and hygienic.  Our wood-based cat litter is made from 100% virgin timber and is highly absorbent lasting longer than traditional cat litters.

Premium grade wood pellet cat litter supplied in 15kg clear bags:


  • nice light colour pellet
  • high absorbency
  • low dust
  • lightweight 100% natural cat litter
  • economical
  • easy to dispose (e.g. just burn or dig into the garden as its biodegradable)
  • fresh natural timber smell, eliminating strong odours
  • completely safe for use as a litter for other domestic animals (e.g. caged birds, desert reptiles, rabbits, or guinea pigs)

What our customers say:

“As I always say, if only all services were as good as yours.”  Barry

“Right balance between solidity and fluffiness. Absorbs well too.  I’m quite happy.”  John B

“We have tried several suppliers of cat wood pellets over the past 6 years.  Problems we have had like bags splitting, holes, litter not holding shape, very dusty and the service of the provider have had to be taken into consideration.  At long last we have found a supplier that meets all the criteria, UK Wood Pellets.  UK Wood Pellets also have a very professional attitude, are very prompt with delivery and competitively priced.  UK Wood Pellets are a good company to do business with and providing they keep up the very high standards they set themselves will be in business for many years to come.”  Pat

“I have now been using the litter for a month, and its brilliant, and you certainly have me on board for using it.  The cats love it, and it’s not letting out any poohy odours, and it’s not saw dusty after a few days either.”  Debbie

“We are very pleased to be associated with UK Wood Pellets woodchip cat litter. From  the quality of the actual product which is first class and bagged very securely, through to service assistance from Dean, as a large Cattery, at this time of year, we are using several bags per day, so supply is critical, through to a painless delivery on the agreed date, everything went very smoothly. Lastly, but of lesser importance, the price is very competitive in the marketplace. We are pleased to recommend UK Wood Pellets as our only supplier of this product.”   David